Footprint Bases


If you want to convert the footprint of your model, then this is the product for you.

If you don’t want to paint three new giants, when upgrading them to Big Brothers, this product will be really convenient, as you can change the footprint of your model in one second.

The Footprint Bases can be used in countless situations.¬†Use your Minotaur Warlord or Doom Lord as Giants, your Warrior Knights as Chosen Knights, your Zombie Dragon as a Colossal Zombie Dragon or a Shrieking Horror, your HBE Dragon as an Ancient Dragon…….


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40x40mm to 50x50mm, 40x40mm to 50x75mm, 25x50mm to 50x75mm, 50x50mm to 60x100mm, 50x50mm to 75x100mm, 50x75mm to 75x100mm, 50x100mm to 100x150mm, 50x100mm to 75x100mm, 50x50mm to 50x100mm, 50x50mm to 100x100mm, 50x100mm to 100x100mm, 50x100mm to 100x200mm, 20x20mm to 25x25mm, 50x50mm to 60x60mm, 25X50mm to 30x60mm, 50X100mm to 60x100mm