Magnetic Flip Bases

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Magnetic bases with two strengths – just flip them!

If you want less magnetic attraction you just flip the base. One of the sides has a really strong pull (magnetic attraction), the other side can be used for more fragile miniatures like skeletons and elves etc.

Each base is 3mm tall and fits perfect with our movement trays.

Note: The bases come with magnets in them, ready to be used.

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20x20mm (25 pcs), 25x25mm (25 pcs), 25x50mm (15 pcs), 40x40mm (10 pcs), 50x50mm (10 pcs), 50x75mm (10 pcs), 50x100mm (8 pcs), 60x100mm (5 pcs), 100x150mm (2 pcs), 60mm round (4 pcs) + 75mm round (4 pcs), 75x75mm (2 pcs), 80x80mm (2 pcs), 40x60mm (10 pcs), 30x30mm (20 pcs), 60x60mm (4 pcs) /, 30x60mm (12 pcs)