Magnets 5x2mm

 6.50 46.50

Great Features:

  • 5x2mm.
  • Perfect strength to keep your models in place.
  • Use 2 magnets for Monstrous Infantry and Chariots and 3 magnets for Monsters.
How to glue magnets under the bases of your models:
  1. Place all your models in foam – so their bases are reaching upwards.
  2. Add super glue in one corner of each base.
  3. Place the magnet so it touches as many surfaces of the base as possible.
  4. Let the glue dry for min. 1 hour.
  5. And another layer of glue, that runs around the magnet.
  6. DON’T place the models on a tray right after gluing – wait 24 hours to avoid white glue stains on the trays.